Friday, October 25, 2013

More than One or Two Texans... a single caricature drawing:
This family asked me to add the whole State Fair of Texas experience, which included the new Top 'o Texas Tower ride, on the right. One night, I was able to try that myself, along with colleague Celestia Ward and visiting digital caricaturist Sam Gorrie (who was in Dallas for a corporate gig and spent a day at the Fair):
Yes, the iconic Fletcher's corny dog is stalking Sam.
Here are a few more triple-or-more caricatures from my airbrush:
This family sat for me, and when I showed it to them, the mom was actually pleased I'd included the dad's prosthetic arm. She said, "Thanks! People usually ignore that and it's a part of his life." I told her I always draw what I see. :-)
Above left: a mom with Texan big hair, her daughters and granddaughter. On the right is a group of friends. Whew! I fit them all in!
Below: some more family groups.
 I exclusively used my Iphone for photos this year, and not my regular camera, and was able to use an app (Diptic) to make collages like this one:
Lastly, these are pics where I couldn't get everyone rounded up for a group photo. My usual routine is to draw kids first so they don't have to sit for long...and oftentimes they're back in their stroller long before the end!

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