Monday, October 28, 2013

Couple caricatures + REACTIONS!

The payoff moment as a caricaturist is when I show people the results of my efforts:
Above: A father and daughter with mobile eyebrows...
That's the wife/mom in the background saying "I love it" :-)
Web link here:
Beers included!!
I love it when they bend from the waist in all directions when they see it!
She had one of the most perfectly round faces I'd ever seen on an adult!
You can really hear the compressor in that one.
Finally, two of my favorite faithful yearly be-backs (I video-ed them two years ago, too)
This one was a mental workout for me... my overloaded brain was trying to draw/airbrush it, get in-progress shots and leave enough time at the end for their reaction. I used the Vine app to get these and they have a 6-second limit.

Not to mention revealing the caricature and simultaneously shooting video with my phone without missing out on enjoying the reaction!

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