Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A 1st birthday party with high-speed caricatures...

Sunday's second event was a family birthday party which found its way to me through Entertaining ConXections. The client needed a large number of people to be done in a two-hour time frame…so, to step up my drawing speed to 17-20 faces per hour, (normally I do 12-15)  I left out my customary shading---and here are the results:
 A 20% gray Prismacolor marker was used for some slight shading instead of my beloved black Prismacolor artstix. I missed being able to shade subtle things like rosy cheeks, as well as major things like dark hair. However, I mentioned to all the parents that copies of these make great coloring-book-style projects for their kids to go to town on with their Crayolas. :-)

Here is a link to one of the masters of this particular style of live work, Mike Giblin in the UK. I checked out his stuff for inspiration before I did this gig.

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