Thursday, December 19, 2013

Marketing my caricatures: Gigmasters has revamped!

My live caricature service has long been available on Gigmasters, which is a very popular online source for party entertainment. Last week, the powers-that-be there decided to reveal their completely revamped website, and after a few hiccups, it seems to be a good thing!
There's now a cover photo, inspired by Facebook, and lots of other small changes which make it very easy to choose and book entertainers and most importantly, be assured you are getting a professional. Every client is asked to provide feedback after their experience, and I've been lucky enough to get great  reviews and also to have a very high feedback-to-number-of-clients ratio.

 In addition to making a brand new cover image for my Gigmasters page, I decided to replace some of my older caricatures with more recent ones. In some ways, it was tough to part with some of the samples, as they'd been there since the get-go, and obviously worked well to get me booked!

Gigmasters is also using their Facebook page to get more fans…and they are giving away free memberships or membership upgrades to some of those fans. So feel free to check that out!
Now, I'm off to a Gigmasters gig this evening! :-)

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