Thursday, January 30, 2014

A 50th Birthday Caricature, complete with Jersey-Rock-Star serenade

I had SO MUCH FUN doing this digital birthday caricature:
There's a few reasons for that. Let me enumerate them…
1. Drawing rock stars (I've been doing it since 7th grade ;-) is always a hoot for me---these particular two are local heroes. 
2. My client, the husband, basically let me have carte-blanche on how to illustrate his great idea….of Springsteen and Bon Jovi singing 'Happy Birthday' (in their own words) to his beloved. 
3. I can commiserate with the subject of this caricature, as my own 50th birthday isn't far off at all…(and she looks FANTASTIC. In her case fifty looks like the new THIRTY!)
4. Both the husband and wife are old friends of mine from high school. Happily, Facebook has brought a lot of people from our (pre-internet, pre-texting…gads, we're old!) generation back in touch.
5. This was a payback gift, as the wife surprised him last year on Father's Day with a family caricature. (I basically just reworked her caricature from that one to be dancing like Courtney Cox in this one.) 
So, now they're "Caricatures-by-Emily COLLECTORS":-)
Here's how it looked framed:
Hopefully there will be plenty of spouses to new 50-year-olds this year to whom I can suggest a gift caricature like this (insert your own favorite 8o's icon!)

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