Friday, January 17, 2014

Kate Gosselin, Mother of the Year….not

My sketching fingers decided to depict this train-wreck yesterday…
Taking her thirteen-year-old twins on live breakfast television to "speak out" on their"normal, regular" lives definitely backfired on Kate Gosselin. A few years back, I did a cover caricature for a Jon-and-Kate+8-criticism blog  because I'd seen the show...and my opinion was that Kate Gosselin was abusive to both her husband and children. The show seemed to be thriving on that more than the parents-of-multiples angle, which really bothered me. It seems that KARMA is finally catching up with her now…it seems like those girls sabotaged the interview as best they could.
It's also really interesting to me that she has used plastic surgery/hair extensions so excessively that she has ended up looking closer to a middle-aged Barbie doll---and even less like her young half-Korean daughters than she ever did. 

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