Sunday, January 26, 2014

First gig of 2014...

On a frigid Saturday morning, I got up (bright and early---so NOT me) to head to my first gig of 2014 at a hotel which was hosting a conference. Kids who had accompanied their parents were enjoying activities in various hospitality suites according to age, while their parents attended a lecture…my subjects were in the 9-to-12-year-old group, and I proceeded to drew all twenty-seven of them, plus their chaperone, in a little under two hours. Understandably, there are hardly any photos, in the interests of speed-drawing.
 I couldn't resist getting a quick photo of at least one boy and girl, though. LOVED his expression. I was also very glad to have time to draw their chaperone, she was a huge help in keeping my line orderly. After finishing my time there, the kids were all excited to head off to the hotel pool. 

 The hotel itself was a mix of historic and modern…they'd built around an old building so that it was in the interior of the lobby!
Below: This is the view from the window, of the heart of downtown Lancaster, PA:
This gig came my way, courtesy of, which is run by the illustrious Tad Barney ;-)
I see him every year at the ISCA convention. On the way out of town, I spied THIS. Yeah, thanks Tad!!
Besides being my first gig this year, I got to enjoy another reason for a great day:  as I mentioned above, in order to get there on time, I was forced to get up at the crack of dawn and therefore, witnessed THIS:
I ran outside with no coat (did hurriedly jam on my boots though) to get this shot!! Worth it, not to miss that incredible light both on the sky and in the snow.

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