Tuesday, March 25, 2014

40th birthday celebration

For a brief interlude, it was spring here in Pennsylvania when I did this gig last weekend--everyone was out and about, enjoying the warm evening (and taking up all the parking spaces near the popular restaurants.) As I write this, it's snowing. UGH. 
I arrived at sunset to help celebrate a husband and wife's joint 40th birthday:
Forty IS the new thirty, right?
 Above left: arrival scenery. Right: the departure view!
My dainty, polka-dotted gig bag has survived a year now of being hauled to every manner of venue, and seems to be holding up well. It was a bargain when I bought it in Bangkok last year, and I get quite a few compliments on it. Fingers crossed it lasts a while longer!
The birthday couple! They were teenage sweethearts.
Below: I decided to photo-collage some of their guests. I missed getting photos of a few more people, but this gives you an idea of my evening, having fun drawing to the sounds of a variety of music (in particular, from the 80's---haven't heard Simple Minds in a long time!)
Happy birthday Heather and Chuck, thank you for having me! Here's to many more!

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