Friday, March 21, 2014

Jimmy and Brittany's wedding reception (bang! bang!)

This purple-and-blue-hued wedding reception was the third one in this family for which I've been honored to draw caricatures. It was held at a gun club:
...which meant I had the fun of drawing shotguns, bullet holes, shell-casing necklaces and a camouflage wedding gown on their airbrushed sign-in caricature (the bride didn't ACTUALLY wear camo ;)
When the room isn't being used as a banquet hall, it's a shooting range!!!!
Below, the groom's cousin and her cute little boy. I drew at her wedding in 2008. (Her hubby couldn't attend this one.)
And the bottom picture below is the groom's sister and her hubby…I drew at her wedding, also in 2008.
More fun faces:
Below: The cake was made by the groom's uncle. What artistry! And it not only looked amazing, it tasted as good as it appeared.
I've already blogged about a GIF made from photos my Other Half took for me while drawing another couple at this reception. It's always a luxury for me on the rare gig where I can bring him along to assist. He took these wonderful panoramas  and video for me, too. 

CONGRATS to Jimmy and Brittany! And thanks to your wonderful family for having me again!
(Photo collage made by the groom's mom. Thanks Deb!)

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