Monday, March 17, 2014

Carnival-themed backyard 1st birthday

I've done my first outdoor (almost) gig of the year. On a blustery-but-not-too-cold March day, a family celebrated their little guy's 1st birthday in a BIG way---with a bounce house, prizes, a photo booth, pizza, popcorn, cupcakes…and my caricatures!
There's my set-up in the garage, where the wind couldn't flip my paper all over.
 Look-- another awesome sign waiting for me!!!
 I started off with the little kids, and pretty soon my two-hour stay was extended by the hosts to accommodate pretty much EVERYBODY, young and old! I ended up drawing for over five hours! (with a break for birthday cupcakes, of course ;-)
Little Jordan has a HUGE loving extended family, and I really enjoyed being in the thick of things:
Thank you so much for having me!!!!! Super fun, AND I slept really well that night! 

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