Monday, March 31, 2014

Caricature surfing

I am trying to learn how and why things turn up where they do on the internet. Having been a seat-of-the-pants pilot when it comes to advertising my own stuff, it would probably benefit my business to know more than I do about it. So, towards that end, I Googled "airbrush caricatures" and found two of mine in the top five, alongside (literal) heavyweights like Tom Richmond and Chris Rommel. How'd THAT happen??? ;-)
I am the proud illustrator of the cleavage-proud Texan lady and the broadly-grinning guy with the pink-haired girlfriend (also cleavage-proud :-)

My studio actually boasts caricatures of myself by both the aforementioned artists. One of my other goals on that miles-long to-do list is to get a "Me Gallery" up on my website. Sounds pretty vain, but if you're a caricaturist, it's kinda not…!

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