Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2nd Birthday party for a cute 'lil guy

It was a family-centered backyard birthday party for this little guy, on the first really nice spring day in these parts:
I arrived early and plunked my easel in a pleasant spot on their patio:
then proceeded to draw dozens of kids, teens and a few grown-ups!

My client found me on Gigmasters (he was the first to specifically tell me that my caricature-reaction video was a deciding factor in booking me) and I have to say thank you for the great feedback, and enjoying so much what I do! :-) 
"Emily was awesome! I really enjoyed everyone's reactions! I could not have picked a better mode of entertainment or a better person. This morning people were already posting pictures on Facebook thanking us! I highly recommend Emily. Her video sealed the deal for us. My family and friends reacted just like those in the video---I had as much fun watching everyone's reactions!!!!"
Thank YOU!

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