Tuesday, April 1, 2014

O's Opening Day 2014

Spring has half-heartedly sprung here in the Northeast, enough to give Opening Day 2014 in Baltimore a sunny, but chilly day for a sold-out baseball game. Here's my first game-day Orioles caricature of the year!
Being one of those perpetually cold-handed (and footed) females, I came PREPARED for drawing outside in March. When we were in the sun, it was nice, but when shade encroached, brrrrrr. 
This gentleman brought his eighty-eight-year-old prospective father-in-law to his very first Opening Day. It was so cool to commemorate the occasion with this caricature!
Below: another very first Opening Day caricature!
These ladies were ready to PAR-TAY! I had a blast drawing the giant hair bun and the Natty Boh!

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