Saturday, May 17, 2014

Backyard 11th birthday party!

After leaving an early afternoon gig, I hightailed it down the turnpike to a backyard birthday party that was more in my neck of the woods. It rained on the commute, but by the time I arrived, it was dry again---which meant I could draw the birthday girl and all her friends on the back patio:
The number of guests here allowed time for face-body-and-hobby caricatures. 
The young lady (below) asked for one I'd never drawn before: "Could I have a panda hugging me?"
Of course!!!
I happened to buy this polka-dotted shirt at Target recently, NOT realizing until someone asked if it was intentional, that it matches my gig bag!!! My client shared this great photo with me! Haha!
My spot was a good vantage point for the blowing-out-of-the-candles on the birthday cookie:
The birthday girl is a caricature fan----she showed me this one from Legoland, California that she had from last year:
After drawing everyone, it started to rain, so the family took me inside and fed me. I have the best clients! :-)
Happy birthday Bella! And thanks for having me (and for the photos!!)

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