Saturday, May 31, 2014

Live caricatures AND a caricature sign-in at a stylish wedding!

Last weekend, I drew at a looooong-ago-booked wedding…the bride is definitely more organized than I am! Well, the day finally came and they had me do both a studio caricature for a sign-in, and live caricatures at the reception:
When I asked her what her wedding color was, she said gray…
 (this is the room at Allentown Brew Works---cool place!)
with a touch of pink:
If you noticed in the top photo, their beloved canine family member was included, and the bride said he even visited during the wedding (wearing a bow tie!). The party favors were doggie-thoughtful, too!
Here's my view of their triumphant entrance!
My little area became busy immediately, of course, (plus it was next to the bar ;-) and I tried to remember to tell everyone to sign the framed caricature:
Lots of happy faces!
I had to video their reaction because they were so funny while I was drawing them. He told me people call him Bart…it's pretty obvious why!!

Here's one more close-up of the happy bride and groom at the end of the reception. Thank you so much for having me, Nicole and Joey!!!
And here's what I enjoyed while packing up!

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