Friday, May 9, 2014

Caricatures at a lakeside wedding

Saturday's evening's event was a lovely wedding on a lake, which featured a sudden downpour right after the ceremony (that luckily didn't dampen anyone's spirits or outfits)!
The bride and groom entered their reception from near where I was set up for the cocktail hour…
…which was also where guests could put their best wishes on the sign-in caricature.
I had a steady stream of happy faces for the whole reception, which the bride asked me to stay on for (she'd originally booked me for just the cocktail and dinner hour :-)
My absolute favorite caricature of the night, though, was this bride-with-her-bridesmaids drawing! You rock, ladies!
The bride had this to say about my services:
 I cannot thank you enough. Your drawings were a HUGE hit.
Thank you so much for having me, Evette and Brian!!

It's always fun to hear live music and the band at this wedding was pretty great---I had to stop drawing for a few seconds just to get this video:

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