Monday, July 21, 2014

Community Day caricatures for the third year running...

This little waterfront town REALLY likes caricatures. Their Community Day is usually one of my longest gigs of the year, and one of the most fun!
For the previous two years, the weather was sweltering, but this year everyone was remarking on the pleasant temperatures and nice breezes coming off the river (which was right behind me!)
Families and kids abound at this very popular event (the whole town goes crazy with yard sales, barbecues, a parade, boats, a craft festival…the only thing lacking is parking. ;-) I had a huge line twenty minutes before start time, so I didn't photograph much all day. I did get these few:
In fact, I had such a big line, that I was a little afraid to take a lunch break. So when I got a friendly lady in my chair, she offered to go get me a sandwich so I could keep drawing the whole time...
Haha, the little blonde kid was a hoot.
This family told me they got many compliments on the one I did of them last year, which is framed and hung proudly along their stairs.
She smiled during the caricature but not for the photo!
 He smiled the WHOLE TIME!

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