Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Corporate gift caricatures!

This was another fun party-style commission, for some corporate gifts, received through Gigmasters. My client shared these two photos of the honorees with me:
I had to ask if the gentleman on the right started working for the company as a small child!! He hadn't, but almost! ;-)
Shown below is my process. I always do a pencil rough first, so the client can make any  requested changes then---but especially for my hand-drawn party-style caricatures. Unlike digital caricature, once it's inked traditionally, there can be no changes.
The rough usually shows a general likeness that gets sharper and sharper, the more I do to the art. 
Kind of like a Polaroid developing….I always used to love to see that!

Here's what my client had to say after their presentation:
THEY WERE ECSTATIC OVER IT!!! The crowd went crazy for both portraits! Thank you, thank you, thank you so many times for the beautiful job you did for us!!!    The honored guests were most appreciative of their gifts!!! I will promote you and your talents every chance I get!!!  

 Thank YOU for being such a great client and enjoying my artwork so much! :-)

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