Wednesday, July 2, 2014


On Sunday afternoon, I surprised myself and managed to do twenty-two color caricatures in a smidge over two hours---including some very offbeat themes! The party was at a big community pool. The birthday girl asked to be holding a fishbowl in her bathing suit:
In the interests of speedy efficiency,  I didn't take photos until I was done everyone's drawing. Some other themes that were new to me were 1. extreme couponing!! 2. holding a soccer ball and a trumpet and 3. having a giant wave about to crash overhead. Hahaha. 
Two of the dads got in on the fun:
Hahahaha again!!! I love my job.

Gigmasters came through with another great client---thank you, Anne!---who left me some very-much-appreciated feedback:
Emily arrived early and her talents were the perfect addition for our pool party. The moms enjoyed watching her draw and the girls were delighted with their caricatures. It was a special day and well worth the expense.

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