Sunday, August 3, 2014

70th Birthday bash!

Last night, I was part of the entertainment (along with another caricaturist and a rocking' live band) at a big 70th birthday bash for a beloved husband, dad, friend, you name it…
My colleague, Pete, recommended me to the client, since it was such a large party. He created the very detailed sign-in caricature (on the left, below) and provided the pre-drawn design on the paper we were using.
I had to get used to drawing a bit smaller! The papers were 8.5 x 11 (I'm more used to 11 x 14).
Everyone enjoyed our efforts, we drew all ages from babies up to the baby boomers ;-)
It was a wonderful evening! Thanks for having us!!!!! :-)
Client emailed me this feedback afterwards: 
"You both did a great job, everyone did look like they had fun.  I posted my caricature on FB, it was excellent!!"

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