Thursday, August 14, 2014

It's BBQ time!!

My final event of last weekend was a BIG family barbecue that I've done in the past for a wonderful family… I skedaddled from my previous event,  drove fifty miles up a traffic-clogged highway, (the northbound lanes of an entire bridge are closed), arrived, set up my stuff and got right to drawing---while eating a loaded plate of goodies (a few bites between every caricature!)

These two young ladies waited patiently while I got my easel up, and were the first in my chairs!
Then it was non-stop kids, until it was too dark to see!
Below: She looked like a Disney princess to me; I told this boy he had the best eyebrows EVER!
Some kids were inspired to draw!!!! :-) Kudos for having sidewalk chalk available for the kids!
At dusk, the only people left for me to caricature were the host and hostess. So I whipped out my trusty battery-powered light...
and this is what transpired:
Mr. and Mrs BBQ. :-)
After dark, the backyard became a dance floor:
The next day, thanks to their generosity, my Other Half and I got to enjoy leftovers--YUM!
THANK YOU so much!!!!  :-)
Have I said I love my job lately????

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