Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Caricatures just add to the general joy at wedding receptions....

...and this one in particular was full of contagious smiles and laughter. I arrived early enough to see the bride and groom enter as Mr. and Mrs...and their first dance---to my favorite first-dance song. You know, the one by Elvis...
Once guests arrived in my chairs, I was busy for the rest of the evening. My first sitters, below, came over twenty minutes before I started and staked out their claim ;-)
 This guy implored me to "do your worst"...
So I did!
A family caricature---she looks serious here but that changed when she saw it!
These are the bride's parents---loved their smiles!!
And here are the lovely bride and handsome groom!!!!!
Congratulations, Jill and Joseph, and thank you for having me! (Another happy event that came to me through Gigmasters :-)

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