Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wounded Warrior caricatures!

On Friday afternoon, I was delighted to be part of a Block Party, held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, for the National Veterans Wheelchair Games. Fellow caricaturist Debbie Schafer headed a group of five of us, who drew smiles for many veterans and their families. Below: a photo of Pat Harrington and myself in action, taken by Debbie Schafer:
Then, my photo of the view behind me---artists, left to right
 are Debbie herself, Anthe, and Patrick. Not shown: Debbie Anderson. Should've taken a panorama. :-(
Look at Pat's expression! Ha, you can tell he enjoys what he's doing. ;-) Maybe too much!!!!
We were in the Grand Hall of the Convention Center, which used to be the trainshed for the Reading Railroad terminal. Wow, architecture!!
It was a suitable setting for this:
Here's a few of my drawings:
Chat centered on things Philly-centric, as for many attendees it was their first time here. Cheesesteaks, pretzels…and MUMMERS! :-)
Thanks for having us!

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