Sunday, July 12, 2015

An evening in Baltimore with a bunch of like-minded artists

There was a mini-mini-ISCA convention at an Orioles game in Baltimore one night last month...we had some illustrious visitors...

From left to right: Caricaturists Celestia Ward (Las Vegas), Dave Thompson (Baltimore), myself (Philly), Toonboy Smith (Baltimore), Jeff Mandell (Orlando, FL but originally Baltimore), Rick Wright and Mike Hasson (Baltimore). 

Yes, I am standing on a chair and Jeff is not. ;-)

Celestia enjoyed both drawing some fans (she is a consummate pro and I always enjoy working next to her) and taking in a few innings of the game. 
I drew a few too!
I generally don't listen when women say "don't draw my double chin"
because I like my caricatures to look like their subjects. ;-)
Below: Toonboy being Toonboy. 
The Bromo-Seltzer clock tower is pretty, but it is only right twice a day. 
Baltimore was coming off a horrific week, so the balm this game provided was much-needed for its citizens. 

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