Monday, July 6, 2015

Eighth-grade graduation fiesta!

One weekday evening in early June. this beautifully-decorated gym was the site for an 8th grade graduation easel felt honored to be in such a festive spot!
That's a "hamster ball" in the back area. I'd never seen one of those before! It's exactly what it sounds like, except instead of a hamster inside it, it's a young teen!!
My caricature area is on the right..with one of the cushiest chairs I've ever sat on at a gig!
And, surprisingly: using a sign-up sheet actually worked! This was one of the very few times I can ever say that. This topic actually needs its own blog post...suffice to say, the parent volunteer in charge did a great job having the next few kids on hand, so there was always a very short line and other kids could have fun with various activities going on.  
Here are a few of the dozens of faces I did that night:
What a fun night! Thank you for having me!

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