Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sixth-grade graduation antics!

On another night in early June, my caricatures were part of an elementary school graduation. One of the parent organizers has a collection of caricatures I did of her kids (at an annual Christmas party I do) and thought it would be a nice addition to her son's class celebration. This party was held in a fun zone/trampoline/arcade kind of place, and they sat me in the cafe (where I could breathe in the sugary cupcake air, and be just as hopped-up as the kids :-)
The aforementioned parent took this photo of one of the teachers being drawn:
Here's a few of the kids:
And my client's son (below) added to his caricature collection!
 She and the other parents seemed very happy with how cost-effective my services were, since I draw fast. We figured out that each kid's caricature cost the school about $9. 
Thanks for having me! :-)

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