Saturday, April 28, 2018

Silhouettes at a high school Prom!

After a hectic afternoon doing caricatures at a nearby university, I headed to this popular restaurant which was hosting a Hollywood-themed prom. I've also done caricatures here before, under this same rotunda, so that's what the staff was expecting me to do. I said, no, tonight is something different! Silhouettes!
This couple arrived early for a photo shoot so they were my first silhouette subjects! I never did get my own photo of them...they had just spent a good half hour posing for their own photographer!

Once the couples started arriving, my scissors flew along. 

They're all cut out of one piece of 4 x 6 rectangular paper, into a heart-shaped couple, romantically looking onto each others' eyes. Awwwww!

I cut few of the chaperones too!

I wore my feather boa as my one concession to Hollywood glamour!
Thanks for having me, WCS!

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