Monday, April 16, 2018

Spring wedding reception caricatures!

My first wedding of the year was held on a picturesque country farm. The skies were dreary, cold and wet, (April showers!!) but the family and friends of the newlyweds made the tented reception a warm and joyous place.
 Ready to draw!
(I did take photos of all the drawings at this reception, so the bride and groom could enjoy seeing them later---it's often so hectic at receptions that it's a blur afterwards---but I won't show all 58 people here. Yes, that's one of the advantages of photographing them all, you know how many you did---I averaged 12 faces per hour...and that's only if I remembered to photograph every single one--I might have missed a few...)

So here's a handful of 'em:
The couple below and I discovered that I'd drawn their grand-daughter at this event. :-)
The bride and groom were in such demand for socializing, (and kindly, did not want to boot anyone out of line for their own drawing) that time ran out and they didn't get a caricature. So they'll send me a photo, so I can do it...the groom looked like a character in the show Vikings and the bride looked smashing in a non-traditional dress, so I am very  much looking forward to doing that for them!!

Once again, Gigmasters put us together. Thanks to them and the groom ( who left the wonderful review below) for booking me!!
Emily is a skilled artist. She has a great attitude and worked really hard to provide fantastic likenesses of all our guests. She was willing to work with us on everything we requested and everyone enjoyed her work. Many people watched as she worked and were amazed. I would recommend Emily for any event and for anyone who enjoys Caricatures. She works fast and was able to pump out an amazing number of drawings in a short amount of time. Thank you Emily!

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