Monday, November 12, 2007

Armature for Dec.Face-off contest

One of the deadlines for my Hillary sculpture is for an armature. Sculpey needs a skeleton to adhere to, as when it bakes it actually gets softer before hardening to its final consistency. A plain old metal household hanger suited my purpose. I also found a dollhouse chair and box which will become the Oval Office desk when I get done with it...
One of the judges mentioned that the angle of the final photo of my sculpture will be very important, since I want to emphasize her 'cankles' as well as a maniacal grin.
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It will have to be titled "HIllary's Revenge" or "Why Hillary Aspires to the Oval Office" since who knows if she will actually make it there?


  1. im excited to see the progress! i'm sorry i had to drop out of the contest.

  2. Looking forward to seeing this develop Emily!