Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Roughs for Dec. Face-off

These are my first, very rough sketches for the December NCN Face-off competition (caricature sculpture of political figure). It's a good thing these contests are bi-monthly, because this one will be time-consuming. I'm also totally out of my element, because caricature sculpture is something I've always wanted to attempt. So even with gigs, commissions and the impending holiday season, Hillary's gonna get sculpted!
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These will be refined a bit more before I go to the next step...


  1. hahahhah! this is hilarious.... it's gonna be great

  2. I´m amazed about the thousands of Hillary´s caricatures I´ve seen last year. People may love her!

  3. Yes, most Americans either love or hate Hillary Clinton...there doesn't seem to be much middle ground, which makes this upcoming election interesting.