Thursday, July 2, 2009

O's-Red Sox showdown

I motored down to Baltimore for a night and a day's worth of baseball caricaturing. The Red Sox Nation was in town and on Tuesday night, they were in for a shock! After a lengthy rain delay that started soon after I took this photo,

..with an interrupted score of BoSox 10, Orioles 1, the O's came back to WIN it 11-10! It was the biggest comeback game in the history of the franchise. However, it wasn't so for the sopping wet caricature artists; we'd left during the torrential downpour with hope for the next day's afternoon game.
And Wednesday turned out to be beautiful and busy.

The mom of these three Sox fans commented that I'd perfectly caught their characteristic expressions... :-)

This young lady's dad wanted a caricature of her.

This couple was a hoot! I drew her first, and she beamed while watching me draw her hubby. He was turning out so teddy-bear cute that I said to him, "I hope you're not a Marine or a security guard, because I'm not making you look that way." He said, "I'm a cop!" and we all laughed!

I dont know what to say about this one--- had to take a pic or else no one would believe someone paid me to draw their SANDWICH!!!

Last but not least, a little Phillies fan wanted to be drawn with the Phanatic. Rick sent them right to me! :-)

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