Tuesday, September 1, 2009

As the Yankees beat the Orioles, some fab faces were caricatured...

It was as if the caricature gods sent us ready-made candidates last night in Baltimore!

These two buddies totally enjoyed their caricature experience with me. They heckled each other the whole time as I drew each one, and both exploded in laughter as they saw the results. After I finished, one took pictures on his cell phone to send to friends! That made me feel so good!
The airplane on the top was added when they told me they were air-traffic controllers ;-O

This couple were a hoot. Facial hair is always funny. They were being drawn by me as the next photo shows what my colleague Gary Smith was dealing with on my left...

...crazy vacationing Brits with beer!!! In fact, they were so crazy that all the passersby recognized them as the same-sex kissing couple displayed on the KissCam during the game!!! They certainly got their fifteen minutes of fame in Baltimore!

I asked them why, since it was their first American baseball game, didn't they buy Yankees stuff to take back to London? One of them relied, "the British always back the underdog"---fitting , as the Orioles ARE in last place.


  1. Emily,

    What coloring techniques you used for this. It has come out very well.

  2. HI Chandon, Thank you! I use Prismacolor Artstix for the color. They are basically colored pencils without the pencil--little sticks of pure color, so can cover larger areas quickly. I love using them!