Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More State Fair shenanigans

Big Tex says, "Get yourrrrr careeee-ca-ture heeerrrre!"

Yesterday brought more beautiful weather and more fantastic faces for us to draw. This young man is an aspiring artist himself (he had cool photos of his work on his phone) so I gave him some websites to order Copic markers and Prismacolor Artstix. Good luck, Chase!

The above two photos were my last customers of the night. Cabeza de Pollo and Funky Musician Couple = Caricature Jackpot!

Paul drew a young Michael Jackson fan AS Michael Jackson-- and he positively beamed when he saw it! (the sample of MJ over his shoulder is by Vlad.)

And Vlad turned his poison pen on me and produced this masterpiece-- of which I can only share a portion, due to the fact that the other person partially depicted would probably kick my a** were I to do otherwise...;-D

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