Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last baseball game of season (for me anyway!)

On Sunday, I got a daylight look at the damage Giant Bambi had done to my car:

So I called the insurance company, and then asked my daughter if I could borrow her car to get to the Orioles game, where I was scheduled to draw. She said yes, but then nicely (ha) reminded me my skills with a stick-shift were probably rusty....and it turned out THEY WEREN'T! ;-P

Okay, the above is what happens when your so-called "friends" are cartoonists...

There's Gary wasting Rick's paper. LOL
Below are the first and last drawings I did at the game, which the Red Sox won and whose fans I drew many more of than O's fans. No more baseball til Opening Day next year...when the people of Baltimore will once again have hope for their baseball team!

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