Sunday, September 13, 2009

Last evening's event was a wedding celebration...

...for a happy recently-married couple. They and their wonderful, warm family and friends all enjoyed each other's company (and my caricatures!) immensely. I started off drawing with just a clipboard during the cocktail hour in the bar, and then we moved upstairs to a big, airy loft where I continued at my easel during dinner (the restaurant was housed in a lovely old barn).

Here are the happy bride and groom...

..and here is the bride with some of her college roommates. (and the artist!)
Yes, I managed to fit six women on one paper! :-)

Some of the bride's family perused the growing pile of caricatures. I even drew some of them multiple times in various combinations!

The barn ceiling was really impressive! So was the dinner, which the bride and groom thoughtfully asked me to share in. Thank you, Carrie and Paul, and best wishes to you!


  1. Thank you so much Emily! Your caricatures were such a hit with our guests and were just perfect for the fun evening we wanted to have. We had a lot of laughs!
    And thank you so so much for your willingness to stay on so all our guests have a special souvenir of our party. It was great!

  2. Thank you both! I had as much fun as you and your guests did. Congratulations and I am so glad everyone enjoyed my caricature party favors.

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