Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More O's caricatures...and Charm City's version of Sardi's

I trekked down to Baltimore again last night, to draw at a more sedate game (it lasted a leisurely three hours and forty-one minutes). Most of the fans in attendance were clad in navy blue and pinstripes...guess the Orioles faithful have all gone back to school/work now that summer is just about over. Plus, there's no hope for their team!

It was more of a "couples" night drawing-wise. The two on the left asked me to make their caricature suitable to use as a wedding "save-the-date" card, so I obliged. I hope they remember to send me one so I can see how it turned out!
The two on the right teased each other unmercifully as I drew them, I loved the guy's animated expression!

Below is my colleague (and caricature concession owner) Rick Wright-- in all his glory-- in a restaurant right across from the stadium. We stopped there after the game to see all the caricatures he's done of Baltimore notables since the early nineties. There were 122 of them in a large room near the bar! Rick works on these from photos, sometimes at games when it's slow, so I knew they were all displayed in public somewhere, but to walk in and see an entire room (all four walls) hung in his matted and framed caricatures, was pretty flabbergasting! Way to go, Rick! If anyone's ever in Baltimore, check out the Luna del Sea Restaurant.

Rrrick, Michael Phelps and Kimmie Meissner called and wanted to know, where are theirs?

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