Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!!!

And I rang it in at a gig! :-)

I was hired to draw caricatures at a very warm, friendly, family New Year's Eve party that included relatives, friends and neighbors galore. All ages were represented and I got to stay on longer to draw many of them...:-)

Of course, first all the children were drawn, then the teens, then the adult couples. I had a great time chatting with everyone. The little kids sat on the floor around me and watched entranced... in fact, when I first arrived, as I was setting up, one of them asked me if I 'could draw good'. I told her it was my first day on the job and her mouth fell open!! Then her friends all cracked up and ribbed her (smilingly) for falling for it! :-)

After I finished drawing, I snapped these few photos of those I could round up, then the hostess graciously asked me to stay and celebrate at midnight with them!

Here's to a wonderful new upcoming year! Thanks to everyone for reading and enjoying my blog!

Update: 1-4-09. My booking agent for this party received some nice feedback:
Wanted to let you know that Emily was AMAZING! Huge hit even with the resistant teens. Thanks again!
Hostess, New Year's Eve bash

I just love converting 'resistant teens' to caricature fans! :-)

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  1. Happy New Year Emily - and they're right you 'Draw Good !!' ..... ;0)