Saturday, January 23, 2010

Caricatures at Oriole Fanfest

It won't be baseball season for another two and a half months, but Baltimore feted its team today with its annual Fanfest...autograph signings by the players, meet and greets by the team's behind-the-scenes people, auctions, kids' games, face painting, photo ops with large birds, and...wait for guessed it, caricatures!!!
In no particular order, some fun faces from today:

This couple were so funny, she was bubbly and really wanted a caricature; he didn't. However, I got him to smile for me once--which was all I needed. Look at his face here, after he'd seen it!

The lady in this couple told me she was absolutely besotted with the Oriole Bird ( team mascot), and could he be in their caricature? I said, sure! Then I drew her and the bird, after which she got up to go get a drink. When she came back ( I'd plotted with her hubby and got him to make that face in her absence) and saw it, she roared with laughter...

Above: Dan Ginter and Jerry Breen work the massive crowds... ;-)

It only took five years of drawing at the occasional O's game or event to get a photo with the Oriole Bird!!

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  1. I am so loving your work Emily! Your color is excellent! Good job!