Saturday, January 30, 2010

Inspired by... Pee Wee!

Yes, artistic inspiration can come from anywhere, and I count Paul Reubens as one of mine!
This man is a creative genius, and has harnessed other amazing talents in design and music (Gary Panter, Tim Burton to name just two), to support his vision of Pee Wee and Puppetland. John and I were so thrilled to be able to go to "The Pee Wee Herman Show" in Los Angeles this week, starring my hero and many of his friends --Jambi, Ms. Yvonne, Chairry, Randy, etc, etc, etc. I even brought my PWH doll that I bought in 1988 for my son's third birthday....(you'll get him back someday, George!)
Of course, seeing him LIVE was a big kick. I gave my PW caricature to a security guard who said he'd try to get it to one of Paul's security detail to give to the man himself. ( Course, I don't have high hopes it will happen, but it was worth a try).
As for the show itself, it was a mix of the old Saturday morning Playhouse show and the original stage show from the early eighties, with some current observations thrown in. I'd go again!!! :-) ( meaning I hope he tours!)

They were pretty diligent about not allowing photos or video-taking, so I only got two photos during the actual show, and this snippet of the overture --ANOTHER big thrill for me!!

Update 2-6-10: I just found this link to a video of a special after-the-performance happening the night we went to the Pee-Wee Herman show!!!


  1. AAAAAH!! So jealous :) I'm really hoping the show does well enough to tour somewhere I can get to see it. I have a Billy Baloney puppet on my desk.

  2. Lovely caricatures! I do wish I could draw people so well :)
    Cool blog too!

  3. GREAT photo of you & John (& "LITTLE Pee Wee") with the set as a backdrop!

  4. Yeah, I'll be printing and framing this one! :-)