Saturday, January 2, 2010

New year, new resolutions...

..and I have already begun them! First thing is to revamp both my blog and especially my website, updating it to my current work.
I've found that I am really enjoying my digital commissions/illustrations and want to emphasize that more this year, so my Wacom Intuos and Macbook Pro will be glued to my hand and lap for the foreseeable future!
This photo was taken this morning with the always amusing Iphoto in my studio, with my hand-painted "Caricatures" banner in the background. The story of how that came to be a window valence is kind of crazy. Back in the nineties, when I was just starting out, a good friend gave me one of the older, very heavy EZ-UP tents to use at fairs and festivals. After a couple of years of use, I left it at one all-weekend fair overnight, at half mast and weighted down with concrete blocks. That night there was a fierce storm, which mangled not only mine but the whole row of tents there. I found the fabric top for my tent waaaaay down the parking lot and salvaged the part you see here. (After that, I bought a lightweight tent and never leave it anywhere overnight!)


  1. Great story Emily, have a great new year
    xx Niall

  2. Thanks Niall, you too! Keep up that great work you've been doing! Hope to see you in Vegas this year, too.

  3. What kind of glue do you use to keep your Wacom and Mac in and on your hand and lap? I need some of that kind of glue to keep the pencil and sketchbook glued to me at all times!

  4. John, Just draw even when you don't feel like it! Usually what happens with me is, I DO start to feel like it and then it's sheer fun! It's also a big motivator to me now that I have a Mac.