Sunday, September 26, 2010

Deep in the heart of Texans...

...lies love for their State Fair---and caricatures!

Well, I've moseyed on down to Dallas, Texas to do airbrush caricatures once again. I'm with the same crew as always, Celestia, Vlad and our fearless leader, Paul--without all of whom, I would not know how to use an airbrush...

My other half, JB, is here for a few days too!

Here are my comrades at work on the first day of twenty-four:

A wonderful array of faces presented themselves to me on the first day, too!

The family above became my very first customers of the fair. They have a collection of black and white caricatures of themselves---Celestia drew them last year.

Some twosomes!

Some cool requests:
"Draw me with great big muscles."
"Draw my shades!" (His dad asked what the reflections were in his sunglasses--I said, it's me, the caricaturist!)
"Make sure you put in the 'dry heat' shirt." I put in a heated background too!;-)

On the second day, there was a college football game held in the Cotton Bowl, which is situated smack-dab in the middle of the fairgrounds. I was asked to come up to the broadcast booth to draw the ESPN2 announcers:

Saturday brought its share of fun faces to do as well:

JB kept me fortified with funnel cake topped with caramel and whipped cream... I do have a love/hate relationship with fair food ;-)


  1. STOP!!!! NO MORE FUNNEL CAKE!!!! It'll clog up your marker nibs, and other stuff as well! Here, eat this carrot and keep on drawing good stuff!

    ~Gene Mater / Cartoonman