Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Partypop page update...

Sometimes I forget that I need to update some of my caricature-related web presence...and one website I have been on for a long time is It's served me well as an entry to my own website, as there's no middleman--potential clients look up what kind of entertainment they want and get direct contact info for many party service providers.
Anyway, that's exactly what I did today, and it's fun and bittersweet at the same time to choose new samples (I get attached to the old ones!). Here's a screenshot look at the new Caricatures by Emily page:

Below is the entire strip of new samples, all from 2010 except for the final one of the nurses. That's my daughter and her best friend showing off what my digital gift caricatures look like!

In the process of looking at other artists' Partypop pages (both for inspiration and to check out the competition;-) I found that my friend Mike Hasson, owner of About Faces Entertainers, was using two of my drawings ( I'd provided them but didn't know they were among his PP samples!) for his online agency, which specializes in caricaturists but also provides many different types of entertainment.

Thanks Mike! Now I am sort of competing against myself! ;-P

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