Tuesday, September 28, 2010

State Fair of TX, Day 4

I had a surprisingly eventful Monday!

Here are the friends I made at last year's fair, back for this year's version of a family caricature. The really funny thing about their showing up on this particular Monday, is that JB and I had been considering my taking off for the evening and going out to dinner at their restaurant! Luckily, they'd stopped by the booth and said, "We'll be back later for our caricature." So when JB called and said, "Let's go to Suzushi," I said, "We can't, our sushi chef is HERE at the fair!!"
And when I saw that they'd won that giant pig (how they got it home in a car or even through a door is beyond me) I knew it would be the ENTIRE background of their caricature! :-) And their little girl was fast asleep in her stroller, so I drew her from an awesome photo on her daddy's Iphone.

Some father-daughter caricatures...

The girl in the couple on the left had such vivid blue contacts that I convinced them to get a color caricature instead of a BW one!
On the left, this young lady's aunt told us her neice's whole life story while I was drawing her, and also told all within earshot everything we caricaturists say about why caricatures make a fantastic souvenir! I was afraid we'd have to start paying her!

I decided to record some of the interesting fair foods I consume. And no, that will not include the fried beer they have this year.
This is a Greek dolma (grape-leaf-wrapped meat and rice--mmm) with a chocolate-covered strawberry chaser.

Here's a creepy Uncle Sam making a parade appearance...and some other Fair sights:

Our intrepid airbrush-caricature crew, plus my groupie. :-)


  1. Hey Emily,
    Your Airbrush drawings are really looking great. I can see an improvement, the colors just look cleaner. That first one with the pig in the back looks great. Nice job!
    Does airbrush take longer to do vs. artstix?
    Have you thought of airbrushing at your regular venues?
    Thanks for sharing

  2. your pictures look great(:
    thanks for putting my picture up that you drew of me on friday. you did an amazing job((:
    also another thanks for making the background of my picture the same as my shirt like you said!