Friday, July 1, 2011

Charming faces on a Charm City evening...

I decided to head south for a rare (for me) night game in Baltimore...
I woulda drawn her cool shorts but she wanted to be in uniform. I did get to draw her cool purple glasses and almond-shaped eyes. :-)
Had fun drawing this guy's stubble.
This guys's CHIN was EPIC!
It was quite the Oriole fan night...til this young man asked for the Angels!
We have been having such lovely summer weather in our neck of the woods, warm but with gentle breezes--below, the sun is setting on the caricature booth and some good friends.
This family of passers-by had on such cool shirts I had to take a picture:
Towards the end of the evening, some visiting fellow caricaturists who were at the game stopped by to rib Rick's hardworking A-team:
Left to right: Jerry Breen, Gary Smith, a young caricature fan, Jeff Mandell, myself, Rick Wright, and Dave Thompson. There's probably been literally millions of faces drawn between this motley crew.

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