Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Victorian tea (50th birthday) party

Yesterday, I had a wonderful afternoon drawing a group of  tea-sipping, scone-munching ladies--WITH HATS--all celebrating Stephanie's 50th birthday.
What an exquisite house! This is Abigail's Tea Room, in Reading, Pennsylvania. The interior inspired lots of oohs and ahhs--it's been restored to its former glory, complete with original fireplaces, chandeliers, stained glass windows and antiques, after being a daycare for many years. The food, tea and service were all fantastic. Highly recommended by me if you want a unique place for a ladies' day out! (Here are some reviews :-)
( I just adored this peacock feather lampshade!)
The venue wasn't the only beauty of the day--all the guests and the birthday girl were so friendly and ALL were wearing hats or even costumes. (Yes,  I was hatted too, you'll see!)
Below: Mary Poppins---I mean, the birthday girl! She made her outfit AND the parrot head on the cane!
(The 12th was her actual birthday.)
My first couple of drawings were these beautiful young ladies:
Below: I really surprised this youngster---she told me her name started with a D---and I said, "Let me guess your name..." I mentally ruled out Donna, and the next name that came into my head was Dawn.
So on the first aloud guess, THAT WAS HER NAME!!!!!!
We kept laughing about it for the whole party, she thought I was psychic! I realized later that I had just used the word 'dawn' in a Words with Friends game with someone the day before--so it was floating around in my "recently used words" folder in my brain, I guess.. 
Check out all these ladies and their headgear!
The birthday girl's hilarious mother* and grandmother were both in attendance, (bottom extreme left and right) along with sisters and nieces and a son's fiance. Where were the menfolk? As far from a tea party as you can get---at the car races! :-)

*she said if she liked her caricature, she would use it on her casket at her funeral!! :-o

Here is my hat. I wore it years ago when I was a helmet-haired Jackie Kennedy for Halloween and it's been waiting for an airing ever since... :-) Thank you so much, Stephanie, for having me, and happy birthday!

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