Sunday, July 10, 2011

Irish Festival on a warm summer day: music, beer and CARICATURES

Yesterday, the other half and I found ourselves among thousands of those wearing green, whether they were Irish or not: (an awful lot were, of course.)
So cute!
 Two little brothers who probably will share a beer---hopefully twenty years from now ;-)
 I am pretty sure the girl on the left isn't Irish.
 Siblings are always fun for me to draw.
 I loved the expression on the daughter in this one!
 Had to do a full-body on a caricature of a guy in a kilt:
 This couple sat for me, their reaction is in my video below. :-)
 This little one sat on my extra chair and watched avidly for quite awhile before I drew her.
 These two joined my FB page right away, and made this caricature their avatars!! I am having a giveaway on Monday--- for those who join my fan page from the fair-- for a free digital cartoon-style caricature of one person!
 Can you guess what this gentleman does during the Christmas season?
These three were my last drawing of a busy day. 
Some shots from my other half's vantage points:
No one realized I was wearing his boxer shorts--or they pretended not to notice!

 Actually, this photo is the point-of-view of my "victims":
 My audience at various times:

The day included several concerts by Irish bands, which was very enjoyable to hear all day (there are snippets in my video.)

Here's a synopsis of my day in sights and sounds!

I had the mango dacquiri, by the way. Sometimes it's good to be the boss!

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