Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fair finale...

On Saturday, the fair wrapped up with an all-day caricature marathon. So, of course, I slept for most of today!
All the pics below are in chronological order, taken throughout the day.
Mom and daughter!
Two brothers, the older of whom is a budding photographer, even though he's barely more than a toddler!
This couple told me they specifically came to the fair to be drawn with their dog!! Dogs used to be more prevalent here, but there were signs forbidding pets this year, so this couple were very canny to get their precious baby in!
Next door to me was the airbrush tattoo booth, and I was able to draw tattooist Stacy from life and her absent BF from an Iphone picture!
This couple had a good laugh when they saw it!
 I told him I liked his eyebrows. 
This little one had such an entrancing smile!
He wanted me to include his pet rock. :-)
She didn't ask me how I learned to do this, or how long I've been doing this; she asked, "What is that marker you're using that looks like a brush??"
Good question! I wrote Copic Sketch marker on her drawing so she can Google it.
 Here's my other fair neighbor, who served sodas, wiped down tables, and battled wasps at the sausage sandwich booth. I actually drew him earlier in the week and hung it as a sample, and overheard lots of passerby recognizing him!
Til next July!

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