Friday, June 22, 2012

Sweaty sketchin'

A heat wave doesn't stop live caricaturists from their appointed rounds! :-)
Yesterday, I was challenged not only by 96 degrees F, but also a request of the client. The occasion was an open house/fair for a dental practice, and the dentist wanted his family and staff drawn in color on three 18 x 24 sheets. The challenge wasn't so much the larger format, but how to compositionally fit everyone, as they requested bodies and a fair theme as well. Here they are in the order I completed them. The ladies sat one at a time, and I drew all their faces first, then added the bodies.
At first, I was told eleven people total, so I figured four ladies on each end and the dentist and his wife and son in the middle, but then I found out there were nine dental technicians-- and they hadn't thought I could include the dentist's younger I had to put one dental tech flat on her stomach to fit her in the second drawing, and add two more kids to the third! 
Another fun aspect of this is that I wasn't in it alone, sweltering along next to me 
was my friend Colin Harris. We were representing Entertaining ConXections. Here he is gripping that marker in his uniquely-Colin way:

 Every kid I drew had a flushed face, and I am 100% certain I did too!

People will come out for fun no matter how hot it gets!
Here's a little piece of the day's vibe, and you can hear how loud the generator for the inflatables was---we were situated right near it:

Afterwards Colin and I sought out some AC and found it in a nearby pizza place, before I had to head off for an evening college event which, thankfully, would be held in their gym. :-)

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