Monday, May 28, 2012

Wedding smiles!

On Saturday evening, I drew at yet another wedding, but this one was extra special--the bride's grandmother is a dear friend of mine, so I was able to attend the ceremony too. What a beautiful couple!

The bride, her daughter and the groom poured sand from three bottles into one--to signify the beginnings of their new family...awwwwww!
Here's the radiant bride with her grandparents:
The theme of the wedding was "circus," an unusual one, but very kid-friendly, as there were a number of small ones in attendance. Enjoy some photos of the atmosphere under the big tent:
The cake, with fondant-caricatures of the couple!

 Our table designation. :-)
The matron of honor made her remarks with the help of an iPad!
And now for some caricatures :-)

The photographer was everywhere and keen to get a caricature, too!

Last but not least, the couple of the day:

Signed and matted!
My own handsome man was with me and took some wonderful photos and footage:

Congratulations, Taylor and Josh!

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