Friday, October 26, 2012

2012 Texan Couples #1

By far, couples accounted for the majority of my subjects this year at the Fair. And pretty much all of them had some memorable aspect, at least to me. Without further ado:
We'll start with the silly squid-hat-guy with the patient, doting girlfriend ;-) and move on to the big mustached, big cowboy-hatted gentleman and his lady...
Then there's backward-hat Texas Ranger fans:
Unfortunately, amid all the piercings, make-up, and pink hair on her, I missed his knuckle tattoos. :-)
Below: what an electric smile! High voltage!
Above: I couldn't take my eyes off her eyelashes!!
These two girls asked to have 'twins' written on it, but I don't think they were. Loved their expressions. The couple on the right has another electrified smiler. :-)
More tattoos!
Another one with awesome expressions. :-)
This one, of a mom and her son, was special because he's a budding artist; the next day she came back and brought me a drawing he'd done--- it was good! I enjoyed airbrushing the airbrushing in this one. 
These seem to be the only two couple photos I took that are oriented this way. On the left, you can see the cloud stencil I was using, influenced by Doug. 
She really WAS eating a corny dog while I drew them! 
They asked to have some Fair stuff included. This was before Big Tex got fried...
"Could you include our stuffed husky that he just won?"
These two had never been caricatured before--- I am so glad they sat down for me!
Another dose of cuuuuuuuuute!
 Lotsa hair!!!
 Lotsa fashion!
 Lotsa personality and another patient, doting girlfriend. :-)
Next post: more couples. :-)

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